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• When Languages Die: The Extinction of The World's Languages and the Erosion of Human Language   
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June 2011
• The Firehouse Collection - A collection of photographs commissioned by the Town of Manchester Connecticut to document the restoration of the Spruce Street Firehouse.     [

• The photograph "Red Tree" donated to benefit
Women for Women
This charity provides important work for women who have been the victims of disfiguring domestic violence.    
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Location: The Bortolami Gallery in Chelsea, NY

March 2011
• Everglades National Park

February 2011
• South Beach Florida

December 2010
• Yale University, New Haven Connecticut

March 2010
• Portraits shoot at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art

January 2010
• South Beach Florida

July 2009
• Northampton, MA

June 2009
• Boston, MA

March 2009
• Shoot with musician/comedian Vinnie Pagano

December 2008
• Key West Florida
• Provincetown, MA
• Shoot with musician Gerald Goode to promote his new CD:
For Those Who Have.   GeraldGoode.com

December 2006
• Portrait profile of printmaker Will Barnet